My Mother and Bonzo 1933 – Sepia Saturday #107

Doris Graham and Bonzo 1933

My grandfather wrote in his little notebook in 1940,

“Bonzo taken away by
Humane Society Sept. 3rd 1940                                                                                                 $1.00 donation made.                                                                                                                 This dog was about 12 years old.”

In this photograph my mother, Doris was 10 years old. Bonzo must be about 5.  They are in the backyard of my grandparents house on the east side of Detroit.  Bonzo was an outside dog and had a place under the porch to sleep and get out of the weather. He went through the cold winters there. When he was taken away by the Humane Society he was suffering terribly from rheumatism.

Before my mother’s family had Bonzo, they had a dog named Toodles.  Toodles was allowed in the house sometimes because once, when there was company and he was in the basement, he fell down the steps and, as I remember the story, broke his neck. Which is why Bonzo always stayed in the yard.

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16 thoughts on “My Mother and Bonzo 1933 – Sepia Saturday #107

    1. I hope he had a small, covered straw filled area under the porch that he could heat with his body heat, but I don’t know.

  1. It’s a wonderful picture but oh, how sad that Bonzo was taken away by the humane society just when he needed his family most, during his last days on earth. Too, too sad.

  2. That’s a lovely picture Kristin. I’m sure Bonzo was a happy and well cared for dog.

  3. Your mother seems to be very proud and happy to spend time with her dog! I too, am a fan of having my dogs (I have two) living inside with us! My first husband was horrible about having dogs around at all…he was afraid of them really….but dogs have good sense and they can determine straight away who is kind and who is not! Don’t laugh but I have many great dog friends!…in fact some of them, I have yet to make friends with their owners…isn’t that real life!

  4. Such sad stories for the dogs, but understandable. I’ve had 5 dogs during my life, with three becoming paralyzed. One never recovered, one went to a chiropractor and lived another 8 years, and another required back surgery and has been around for an extra 5 years.

    Lovely photo.

  5. That is a fabulous photograph – taken with such style. No throw-away snap, but an image that has been composed, framed and balanced to perfection.

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