4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 1966

  1. This may be unrelated to the discussion at hand, but I am Alan Lewis Graham, the grandson of John Clifton Graham from Montgomery AL. His son, my father, J. Clifton Graham Jr passed away on Oct 16, 2018. I am survived by my son and daughter, Candace and Kyle and one grandson, Jordan. I am sorry to confess my near ignorance on my family ancestry but after reading the information on the ancestry page. I found it too fascinating not to come forward and make myself known. I am grateful for the information posted there

    1. I am so glad you wrote! Where was the information on Ancestry?
      I know that our grandfathers considered themselves “adopted brothers” but I do not know the story behind it. I have done quite a bit of research
      on your family because I research all of my grandparents friends.
      You can email me at kcleage at gmail dot com

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