A Sunday Morning in 1953 merges with a day in 2011.

"St Marks, Detroit 1953"
After church on a Sunday afternoon in 1953. My mother, Pearl and me on steps. Henry with hand on hip.

In the fall of 2011,  my friend, Ben,  went down to old 12th Street in Detroit and took some photographs so that I could combine them with old photographs from 1953.  I finally got around to doing it.

"Close-up St. Marks"
Close-up of Sunday morning 1953 - my mother in the dark suit.


18 thoughts on “A Sunday Morning in 1953 merges with a day in 2011.

  1. I used Photoshop. I do each photograph as a layer and make them transparent so I can move them around, reshape a bit and make them match. Then I make the old one a bit transparent and flatten it.

    1. I’m sure that you told me in the past that you use Photoshop. That can’t be done using Photoshop Elements, can it? That’s really amazing. I’m just glad I can at least understand that it is in layers. Beyond my skills, but would love to learn to do it.

      1. I would think it could be done with any software that lets you do layers and transparencies. That is, make one of the layers transparent so you can match them up. I haven’t used photoshop elements in a long time because they stopped updating for Macs. Then I got photoshop 😉 If you have the soft ware just mess around with it.

  2. Love, love, love the concept.
    I personally would have erased the old background,
    keeping only the people and their shadows,
    but the results are nonetheless stunning.
    Good job!!

    1. I started to erase more but then didn’t. I did erase the old sky in the first photo and I think that I will give your method a try. I would leave the old building in some form though because … just because.

  3. Brilliant!! You are so talented. This level of where technology has gone is beyond me. But I do marvel when I see it. I saw a series of photos using this technique recently but they were of the Nazi prison camp, Auschwitz. Not fun to look at — but yours! — what a pleasure to see past and present mingled like this.

  4. Awesome! You are so creative! It visually reminds me of how people who once were somewhere leave their imprint (however faint).

  5. I think Sheryl put her finger on it:
    the imprint!!
    How the essence leaves a trace in the material world,
    imperceptible but there nonetheless.

    PS: I gotta try that now… gotta find the time for it though!!

  6. Love them and the crispness of the air that is created in them… We should make prints on a nice archival rag paper, small and intimate but clear and rich…

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