My Mother in the News

My mother, Doris Graham, was in the news quite a bit during her years at Eastern High School in Detroit. Some were from the school paper, “The Indian”. Some were from “The Detroit Tribune”, a weekly black newspaper published by my mother’s cousins, James McCall and his wife Margaret.  I have other articles “starring” my mother but I am just using those from 1937 – 1940.  The others will appear later.  The articles were saved by my grandmother Fannie, Doris’ mother. The writing on them is hers.

"Doris Graham"
An article written my mother for the Eastern High School paper, “The Indian”.
My mother sitting alone on the right front of the picture. From Eastern High Yearbook, “The Arrow”.
The same photograph was used from her Junior High graduation article.
From “The Detroit Tribune.”
From the Eastern High paper “The Indian.”
1 Year Scholarships to Wayne State University – from one of the Detroit daily papers.
From “The Detroit Tribune.”

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  1. What a great collection of clippings. Your grandmother was obviously very proud of her daughter’s achievements. I’d love to know what was in that caption of her dancing.

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