6 thoughts on “A Turkey Mystery

  1. Despite the informal setting, everyone seems to think it looks good! Most times a photo of a grand holiday dinner gets taken at the start when the food is presented. This looks like the end of the meal, maybe even the next day? I laughed at the A&P grocery ad. Nothing makes you appreciate the old days better than a review of food prices. I just paid $6.00 for Eight O’clock coffee but for only 11 oz, not three pounds at $1.39.

    Hope you have enjoyed a super holiday and have a bright new year! Peace!

    1. We had a wonderful holiday in Savannah with my daughter and now we are back home. Everything always tasted good around our table !
      You are right about those ads. I remember when I bought a pound of hamburger for 69 cents about 1971.

  2. Great match for the turkey theme, and I’m thinking maybe they didn’t have a plate big enough? ? Or, as suggested above, “the next day”?

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