Family group

Three Generations. Click to enlarge

From Left to right My grandmother, Fannie Mae Turner Graham, peeking over my great grandmother, Jennie Virginia Allen Turner’s, shoulder. My grandmother’s sister Daisy Turner. Behind and between Aunt Daisy and Aunt Alice Turner, is my aunt Mary Virginia Graham Elkins, although she was not yet an Elkins. At the end, behind Alice, is my mother, Doris Graham Cleage, although she was not yet a Cleage either.

Grandmother Turner was 73, about my age. My grandmother was 51. Daisy was 49. Alice was 30. My mother was 16 and her sister was 19.

They are posed in Grandmother Turner’s backyard on the East Side of Detroit at 4536 Harding.  The house is gone now.  They look like they just came from Plymouth Congregational Church, however the photo is dated July 4, 1939 on the back.  July 4 was on a Tuesday that year. My grandfather, Mershell C. Graham took the picture.

Front of Grandmother Turner’s house on Harding Street in Detroit.
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9 thoughts on “Family group

  1. They do look like they would have come from church, with two of the women in hats and what would be “Sunday clothes.” The hats posed a problem for your grandmother there in the back!

  2. Your group family photo fits the prompt exactly. It appears they were coming from, or headed for some sort of 4th of July celebration. Most importantly, they all look happy!

  3. What a wonderful multi-generational photo! Great that your Mom stands out, even in the second row. I am constantly amazed by the extent of your family photo collection, and this one is indeed a gem.

  4. Wonderful to see, and it also shows that younger women didn’t always wear hats, at least for whatever activity this was. I am thinking a picnic, or maybe a band playing, or more likely a parade? Wonder if anyone would know… But thanks for coming to the party late, which is always better than never!

    1. I was thinking a picnic at Belle Isle. I’ll never know though because everybody there has been gone a very long time.

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