"On our back porch 1959. Kris 13 & Nannie. She's just turned 13."

I look so comfortable leaning into my grandmother.  Nannie was 71.  It was almost back to school time.  One more year ahead at McMicheal Junior High for me. Right now I’m wishing I could  go back there again, even for just one of those Saturdays in my grandparents backyard. 

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14 thoughts on “Steps

  1. You are so right, the picture demonstrates and obviously easy and loving relationship. I can see why it pulls at your emotions, but it’s a lovely memento of those times.

  2. There is no match for having had a grandmother to lean on. Such a loving photo. I can imagine how you would want to travel back in time for a moment or two.

  3. That's a perfect picture for this time of the year, and the porch and steps almost look like the back of a train.

  4. Kristin! I love this picture and this blog is absolutely amazing.What a loving tribute to your ancestors and gift to your family!

  5. i wouldn't mind either visiting my grandma, or my mum, as a matter of fact. you're on theme, it is seasonal, it's perfect!! (as usual…)

  6. So many vernacular photos are taken on or near the back porch (or door) … I wonder why – perhaps it provides a secondary focus of some sort, or a convenient frame for the subjects. A nice early colour image, thanks for sharing it.

  7. I know what you mean about wanting to go back. But, I suppose, in some ways such images allow us to travel back and relive a little of what was there. It's not much, but it is the best option available. (And it is a lovely photograph)

  8. Brett, maybe because people spent lots of time in the backyard with the brownie camera.

    gradydoctor, thanks for coming by and glad you enjoyed the blog.

  9. I think if i could travel back in time for a brief moment, I would want to visit with my Granny too.

  10. What a sweet picture. How you lean into each can tell how much you love each other. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a great photo. I too have dreams of going back in time to one of my special grandmother's houses….

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