The Celebrated Tulane Coffee

Naomi Tulane about four years old. 1904. (Copyright Jacqui Vincent)

This photograph of my grandmother Fannie’s cousin, Naomi Vincent was printed on the cans of Tulane Coffee.  This was one of her father Victor Tulane’s many projects, which included real estate, founding a Penny Bank, and owning Tulane’s Grocery. He was also on the Board of Directors of Tuskegee Institute and a generally active citizen of Montgomery. I found the advertisement below in the Montgomery Advertiser.

V.H. Tulane, Prop. was married to my great grandmother’s sister, Willie Lee (Allen) Tulane. Miss Fannie M. Turner, Mgr., was my maternal grandmother.

Years later, he traveled North selling Alaga Syrup. Naomi traveled with him and it was on a trip to New York City that she met her future husband, Dr. Ubert Vincent.

Alphonso Brown, Victoria McCall, 1970 photo of former Tulane Grocery, More recent photo of empty building.

A blog post about an exciting night at the Tulane Grocery Store  He Had Hidden Him Under the Floor

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15 thoughts on “The Celebrated Tulane Coffee

  1. Pretty much a perfect match, and very similar to my first photo of my aunt when she was little. Naomi must have cherished this photo.

  2. I would buy Tulane Coffee just for Naomi’s picture to look at every morning. Your other Tulane stories are why your blog is such an inspiration, Kirsten. You frame so many interesting photos with meticulous research, detailed genealogy, and fascinating history.

  3. I wish the picture were a little clearer. Naomi’s dress must have been quite something, but it’s hard to see much detail. From what I can see, however, it looks fresh and frilly. It’s hard to imagine a sweet little girl in such a dress advertising coffee, but things were different back then. Children’s photographs were often used to sell products of all kinds. Thanks for sharing such a special photo.

  4. Girls were dressed in such elaborate clothes that must have been a nightmare to wear and to wash and iron. Naomi looks so sweet with her curled hair, polished shoes and neat bow. I wonder if the studio photo was taken for the coffee can or if they used one they already had.

    1. I think they used one they already had. I’m sure they had a washerwoman to do their laundry, and that was not a fun job. Her mother was one of Eliza’s daughters and they all learned how to sew. Aunt Willie (Naomi’s mother) never had to work as a seamstress, I wonder if she or one of her sisters made the dress.

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