11 thoughts on “Unknown Boy On Stairs

  1. A photograph of a little boy, looking so forlorn amidst his surroundings. Surely the photograph must have had meaning to someone some time, by the fact it was kept in the family collection?

    1. I think it was just a street photo of a forlorn little boy. Taken because it was a good photo, not because it was of a known person. There are blured photos of theatres saved, photos of cars coming down the street etc. etc.

  2. Two stairways leading up to two walkways leading up to two doorways — a duplex, I’d guess. He does look sad, though…it’s a really nice shot.

  3. Sad? Maybe. Forlorn? Perhaps. Or sometimes it’s simply that a kid doesn’t like his/her picture taken. I had a grandchild like that. Everyone always asked why he looked so sad & downtrodden when shown pictures he was in. We never knew why he didn’t like his picture taken – he just didn’t. Sometimes he would actually run and hide when someone tried to take a picture which would include him. Fortunately he grew out of it! Your photo is rather powerful, however.

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