Vicki’s Bar-B-Que 1962 – 2016

vicki-que ad

While looking through old copies of The Illustrated News for something completely unrelated, I came across this advertisment for Vicki’s Bar-B-Que.  I noticed the oven and immediately thought of the Sepia Saturday prompt for this week.  I decided to google Vicki’s and see if there were any photographs or other ads from the past.  Imagine my surprise when I found that the restaurant is still operating and that the same family still owns it!

Although I do not remember ever eating at Vicki’s or tasting their sauce,  I was able to find a family member who has been to the restaurant recently and she said, “Yes. Vicki’s is still there. Some people love it! I’m not a fan but I’ve only been there once. Maybe it was a bad day. They have the kind of bbq that is grilled meat and then you dip it on the sauce instead of grilling and caramelizing the sauce while grilling.”

vicki's bar-b-que
vick's oven

You can see an interview with the present owner, the oldest son of the original family, and photos of the food and building, plus reviews of the present food and service at this link Vicki’s Yelp Page.  The link to the video is just under the photos of the restaurant at the top of the page.

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For More Sepia Saturday Offerings, CLICK!

16 thoughts on “Vicki’s Bar-B-Que 1962 – 2016

  1. Just made me hungry! Love these old photos. Newspaper clipping was awesome. Next time I’m in Detroit!

  2. A perfect match for the prompt. Dipping the BBQ’d meat into a sauce instead of it’s being grilled on the meat? Hmm? I suppose it would depend on the meat but I think I’d prefer it grilled on the meat.

  3. Funny how you can be surprised that a particular take-away or restaurant is still going, or alternatively surprised that it doesn’t exist any more. Some peoplw must like the place well enough!

  4. I don’t eat barbecue very often and can’t really appreciate the differences among the various producers. However, reading your post made me hungry for some barbecue.

  5. Interesting; as so many establishments are short lived. They must do something right, as it is still operating and obviously visited by people.

  6. It is good to hear that it remains open.

    I enjoy reading the old papers but I need to google the term “millage”, which I had not heard previously.

    1. I found this online
      “DEFINITION of ‘Millage Rate’

      The amount per $1,000 that is used to calculate taxes on property. Millage rates are most often found in personal property taxes, where the expressed millage rate is multiplied by the total taxable value of the property to arrive at the property taxes due. Millage rates are also used by school boards to calculate local school taxes to be collected, based on a derivation of the total property value within school district boundaries.

      Read more: Millage Rate Definition | Investopedia

  7. While I found Vicki’s BBQ interesting, I was even more interested in the article on “Negro” leadership. I wonder whether it was written by an Afro American?

    1. At that time Negro was what we called ourselves. The article was written by my Uncle Louis Cleage and yes, he was black. The rest of that issue of the Illustrated News was taken up with stories about a boycott at Northwestern Highschool and other school related things. You can see it here

  8. How wonderful the business is still in the family. I wonder if there are secret recipes. I hope it continues into the next generation.

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