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Helping With the Christmas Lights

matthew 2015 xmas
My grandson Matthew helping decorate the Christmas tree.

I used all my old Christmas tree with child photos in past posts. We do not seem to have taken many pictures of children on Christmas for some reason, although there are plenty of pictures of older people and Christmas trees. Maybe the photographers were too involved in the moment.

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What a great picture – a darling boy all aglow! And yes, it’s never too soon to learn how to untangle lights – a bit akin to untangling yarn!

If you really have to untangle lights, it’s probably safest to do it with them turned off, but that is certainly a really sweet photo. Happy Christmas!

I can feel Matthews confusion and pain with those Christmas lights. I love this photo because it reminds me of a time my son got all tangled up in the lights when he too tried to help me decorate the tree. I just wished I had taken a picture of that moment. Beautiful photo!

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