Mother and Baby

Unidentified mother and child
Unidentified mother and child


This is a photograph that may be from my family photographs or may be a photograph I found. I do not know who they are.


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13 thoughts on “Mother and Baby

  1. Nice photo–it’s too bad that there were no names on it. I also have many photos of people I can’t identify–and it makes me realize how important it is to identify people in photos, even if it seems obvious to me at the time who everyone is.

  2. That baby looks like an independent little person, almost pushing his or her mother away with one hand.

  3. It is a stunning photograph – wonderfully clear, technically perfect and beautifully arranged.

  4. That is indeed one alert little baby. I like how the mother is touching the baby’s foot, almost like a little tickle.

  5. Such a charming picture but so sad you cannot name the mother and baby. I have similar photographs in the collection from my great aunt. They must have been of people who meant something to her at open stage in her life, for her to keep their photograph, but are unnamed.

  6. I think Mike’s right – that baby looks like it swallowed something eye opening! The mother is lovely, however, and appears quite oblivious and serene.

  7. The mother is very well poised…she exudes elegance. I like the pleated sleeves on her dress.

  8. Now THAT’S a stare! Imagine being on the receiving end of that stare once this little person was an adult. Did they usually get what they wanted?

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