The Thief of Baghdad and a Negative Inverted

When I saw the theme for this weeks Sepia Saturday was film, I wanted to post a photo from a movie I remember wandering into one evening when I was about 4.  We lived in St. John’s Congregational Church parsonage/community house in Springfield, Massachusetts where my father was pastor. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the movie.  I remember waking up from my nap and going down the hall to a big room where the movie was being shown.  There I saw a larger then life, green genie coming horrifyingly out of a bottle. Perhaps it was “The Thief of Bagdad“, released in 1940. By 1950 it could have been available for showing in darkened rooms full of folding chairs to community groups.  I did not stick around after the Genie started coming out of the bottle.


However, this movie is not sepia and it’s not from my family photo stash, so I kept looking.  Finally I remembered finding an envelope of negatives (film)  of me, my bear, Beatrice, and my grandfather, Dr. Albert B. Cleage Sr.  They were taken in the Summer of 1948 in our backyard.

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25 thoughts on “The Thief of Baghdad and a Negative Inverted

  1. I can imagine that being very scary. I’m rather fond of Sabu, maybe his Jungle Book would have been a better choice.

  2. Your negatives are great….I enjoyed your clip too! It sure brings attention to you at first glance right!

  3. The genie made me jump for sure. Now I’m off to look out for all those negatives hidden at the back of a drawer. Showing your’s the way you have was a great idea.

  4. A great effect putting the negative and positives together. My dad is a photographer who often made similar contact prints like this to see which photo were worth printing. I have my own scary movie too. Those first startling images stick in the memory for a lifetime.

  5. I have the devil of a time scanning negatives these days. My scanner is older and no longer supported, what a pain. I love your negatives. Makes me wonder what ever happened to mine.

  6. Who – I found another box of negatives today. I rig up a light box over the scanner bed to get enough light to get a good copy. It works if the negative is good to begin with.

    Barbara – I may even have more negatives from that same day. I might try making a “flip book”.

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