Who Knew? Happy Father’s Day Jim!

A father’s day card for my husband.  Children across the bottom, grandchildren down the side.  Photographs and other items from our early years, 1966 to 1970. Including, the Detroit riot 12th and Atkinson, Jim in the Coast guard, Revolution Begins in the Mind poster from the Black Conscience, friends, some of my art work and a drawing of a man and child in a leisure suit by Jim, a brochure from the black Conscience Library. Jim with the red checked shirt.  Me leaning forward with the sleeveless shirt and afro.

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8 thoughts on “Who Knew? Happy Father’s Day Jim!

  1. well,
    if that didn't bring a smile on his face, i don't know what would!!
    you guys looked fierce!!
    [still do!!]

  2. Wow, I bet he loved that. What a great way to sum up all those years and and all the family. Very touching!

  3. What A Great Gift! I Hope The Day Went Well ? (sorry for my late comment,I have been AWOL this week!)

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