Jilo 1972

I came across this photograph of my oldest daughter, Jilo, while organizing my photographs. I like the shadows.  This one was in the box marked “Detroit 1966 – 1972”.  We were living in Brewster projects.  I was teaching pre-k at Merrill Palmer Institute, which was within walking distance.  I didn’t drive and walked or took the bus everywhere.  Jim was there part of the time.  He was a community organizer, still running the Black Conscience Library and also working out of a center on 12th Street.  I wasn’t yet pregnant with my second daughter and hadn’t decided to move to Atlanta, where my sister lived.  A year later in March, I would have two daughters and all of us would be living in Atlanta.  I worked with the Institute of the Black World for awhile.  Jim got a job printing with the Atlanta Voice. When he told me I could stop working outside,  I gave notice and stayed home with my six week old and almost three year old.  It was all a long time ago.

5 thoughts on “Jilo 1972

  1. This is a special treat!!! I'm perusing you blog….I LOVE working with family genealogy and this…well, just special to me! I enjoyed viewing ALL your photos…AND the shadow of Jilo

    Vintage 1930's Basketball Team is my Shadow Shot today. Do stop by if you can find time.

    Happy Sunday!!!

  2. Jilo looks so pensive and calm. I wonder if she'd just woken from a nap…. It's good you were able to stay home with your little ones. I believe they need their own moms at that age though I know it sometimes can't be managed or the sacrifices are too great. Glad you were able to. And Jilo is adorable!

  3. Jilo was a very calm baby. I don't think it's cheerios because of the plate. I would just have put cheerios on the tray, I think. It's been about 40 years so I don't really remember!!

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