Friday afternoon…

This is part 2 of the letter from November 10, 1945.  Part 1 talked about the Fellowship Dinner.  This part is about other things they were involved in – Missionary Society meetings, NAACP meetings and invites to the family to come on over.

Rev. Albert B. Cleage Jr

Friday afternoon the Missionary Society had a meeting…They had a round-Table discussion on International Problems… and had me… DeBerry, and the Methodist preacher to talk.  They had the white ladies from the Congregational Association here, also.  We had quite a meeting.  I undertook to explain the RUSSIAN SITUATION and why we good Christians should be sympathetic toward Russia… and stop WORLD WAR III before it starts.  We argued and argued. DR. DEBERRY AGREED WITH ME!  (Even in front of the white folks)  Doris head like to bust… (She don’t like white-folks) I “spoke freely”… there are times when “Uncle Tom” just got to go.  My good Missionary Ladies were so happy that their pastor wasn’t afraid to argue with the White Ladies their head’s like to busted.  It was a very good meeting… the best the Missionary Society has had for a long, long, time.  Even the young girls were out serving and that.  They asked me to speak at the college.  The International College is located in Springfield and several of “our young people” attend. So everything is going very well… I don’t know how much good we’re doing… but we’re having a lot of fun… and its interesting.  It’s a little TIRESOME, however, in as much as we’re rushing about on some “important business” all day and far into the night.  Doris claims to be exhausted… but she’s getting fat on confusion!

Doris Graham Cleage

We went to the N.A.A.C.P. annual meeting (we joined this chapter)… Our buddy was elected President.  It was a mess.  We like to died at the folks… fussing and fighting.  Dr. ****, Mrs. ****’s friend is a weird psycho-neurotic personality who has devoted his life to fighting DeBerry.  He tried again (been trying for fifteen years) to take over the N.A.A.C.P. …. and failed again.  My church members make up a good working majority of the N.AA.C.P.  Both president and secretary are my members.

Well, so-long.  I hope Louis can run down for a week-end!!  Seems like Henry or Hugh could make that run with him! and GIRLS, we’re planning quite a round of events for Christmas-week.  You must be here.  I can’t promise that you’ll get married the first visit…but a New England Christmas should be interesting!  Most of the people are nice and mean well.  (Even those who are a little stuffy) And why doesn’t Daddy retire… instead of falling up and down the stairs.  Mama, tell him to retire and get it over with.  You know when we get something on our mind like that we ain’t no good ’till we do it.  Retire and get a new car and he’ll be O.K.

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