Two Men In Hats – about 1918

Mystery friend of my grandfather Mershell C. Graham.
Mystery friend of my grandfather Mershell C. Graham.

Another fine friend of my grandfather. Unfortunately also another unlabeled photograph.  I think it was taken in Montgomery, Alabama around 1917 or so.  You can see the scotch tape my grandmother used to fasten the pictures in the black paged album.

My grandfather Mershell "Shell" Graham.
My grandfather Mershell “Shell” Graham.

This photograph of my grandfather was taken in the same place as the one of his friend above. Wherever that may be is lost in the mists of time.

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For more Sepia Saturday offerings CLICK!

13 thoughts on “Two Men In Hats – about 1918

  1. Love the mystery man — especially since he has such a great dimple and is wearing a suit…two things that put him at the top of my list!

  2. I’ve always thought it too bad men stopped wearing hats. Hats made a man look sexy – no doubt about it!

    1. I think the diagonal makes adds special character too. They wouldn’t be nearly as interesting shots if they were just straight forward on a porch. I wonder if they set them up with that in mind.

  3. That first photograph is so striking, Scotch Tape or not. Such style, such a pride in appearance. And such a hat : as a hat lover I would welcome one like that to me collection any day.

  4. Your grandfather’s friend looks to have been in a contemplative mood. Both are very interesting photographs.

  5. Mystery photos are so frustrating. I also found the diagonal to be very intriguing–it really gives the photos an artistic quality.

    1. They are frustrating! I could have gone through this album with my grandparents so many times and never did. They probably would have loved to tell the stories behind them too.

  6. I hardly noticed the tape as I was so struck by the smart appearance. I wonder what he was thinking about.

  7. Both are interesting photos, and neither subject is looking directly at the camera.

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