Carrying The Damsel – 1939

carrying_girlLast week while looking for a photograph of a fisherman for Sepia Saturday, I came across this photograph of a man carrying a woman on a sandbar in the river or creek that ran through the Meadows.   I talked about the Meadows in last weeks Sepia Saturday post Hugh Fishing At the Meadows.

carry girl on pathI don’t know who the couple is but I have put out a call and will post the information if/when I get it.  Here is a photo of the same couple walking through the Meadows.

girl & guy against sky

And here is a photograph of them walking on a ridge, the sky behind, the future before, and now so very far in the past.

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22 thoughts on “Carrying The Damsel – 1939

  1. What a lovely couple! I wonder who took the photos. In the middle picture the woman seems to be very aware of the photographer. In any case, whoever took the the photos did a wonderful job of conveying the personalities of the two people–and the fun that they had together.

    1. I have a photograph I will post one day with 3 or 4 guys with cameras around their necks standing around at the Meadows. And there was obviously someone else with a camera who took the photograph. In this case, since it ended up in the Cleage family box of photos, I will say one of my uncles Henry or Louis Cleage took it.

  2. What cool photos. You had exactly the right photo for this weeks theme. I like a good mystery. I hope you find out who they are!

  3. I agree, perfect match! Mine was a little like it, but with no carrying involved. My mother-in-law called tonight and I could have asked her about my couple, but she might not remember without seeing the photo.

  4. That first picture is a perfect match to the prompt, but all three are perfectly reflective photographs of a special couple.

  5. Are you sure you’re not sending telepathic messages to me when I’m choosing these prompts? You’ve done it again with a perfcet match. Let’s hope we find out who they were.

  6. You continue to have the most endearing photos just as always…will be anxious to hear more later if you learn more. Perfect photos

  7. Such wonderful shots. The first one made me think they might be standing on the back of a very large gator.

  8. It not just the perfect match but the subject that is remarkable. How often does anyone see a woman being carried in this way, much less have a camera at hand? The sequence with the other snapshots adds to the mystery. But is it a Romance or a Thriller?

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