Cousins, Cousins and More Cousins

I haven’t participated Saturday Night Genealogy Fun lately but I came across this one and it seemed interesting so here is a tally of my 1st cousins, 2nd cousins and several degrees of removed cousins. I am several weeks late but you can find the original challenge at the link above. 

1) Take both sets of your grandparents and figure out how many first cousins you have, and how many first cousins removed (a child or grandchild of a first cousin) you have.

My Paternal Side

The Cleage family about 1930 in front of their house on Scotten. From L to R Henry, Louis, (My grandmother) Pearl, Barbara, Hugh, Gladys, Anna, Albert Jr (My father) and (My grandfather) Albert Sr.
The Cleage family about 1930 in front of their house on Scotten. From L to R Henry, Louis, (My grandmother) Pearl, Barbara, Hugh, Gladys, Anna, Albert Jr (My father) and (My grandfather) Albert Sr.

My father had 6 siblings. His three brothers had no children. His oldest sister had 1 son. His 2nd sister had 4 children and his youngest sister had 2 daughters.  I have 7 first cousins on this side.

My sister Pearl in the blue. Cousin Jan in the red. Behind Jan, Warren. Front right, Dale. Behind Dale, Ernie and behind him me. About 1958.
Front are my other 3 cousins. In zipped coat on left, Maria. Center, Blair. On right, Anna.  Aunts & uncles in background.
  • Warren has 2 daughters. They have a total of 6 children.
  • Jan has 3 daughters and 1 son. They have a total of 4 children.
  • Ernest has 2 children.No grandchildren.
  • Anna has 4 children. No grandchildren.
  • Maria has 2 children. No grandchildren.
  • Dale has 1 child. Unknown number of grandchildren.

I have 14 1st cousins x removed on this side and 10 cousins 2X removed here.



Mershell & Fannie Graham with Mershell Jr, Mary V. & Doris. 1927.

My Maternal Side

My mother had three siblings. Both of her brothers died as children. Her sister had 3 daughters.

  • Dee Dee has 3 children. They have 8 children.
  • Barbara has 2 children. They have 5 children.
  • Marilyn has 1 son. He has 1 son who has 1 son.

I have 3 first cousins on this side, 6 cousins 1X removed and 14 cousins 2X removed.  This makes a grand total for me of  10 first cousins, 22 1st cousins 1X removed and 24 cousins 2 X removed.

My mother Doris & her sister Mary V with their children – Cousins Dee Dee, Barbara & Marilyn with dark hair. Sister Pearl and myself with braids.


2) Extra Credit: Take all four sets of your great-grandparents and figure out how many second cousins you have, and how many second cousins once removed you have.

"At Home Eliza's descendents"
My mother and her sister with 2nd cousins, aunts and uncles.

My maternal grandmother had 2 sisters. Neither of them married or had children.  My maternal grandfather had 3 siblings. Only 1, his sister, had children. She had 4 children.  My mother had 4 first cousins.  That gives me 4 1st cousins 1X removed and 4 2nd cousins.  The family lost contact with my grandfather’s sister and I don’t know how many cousins I have on that side in future generations.


My paternal grandmother Pearl Reed Cleage had 7 siblings.


  • Josephine had 2 children. Unfortunately the family lost contact with those children after 1900.
  • Sarah had 9 children. Between them, they had 14 children.
  • Louise had 2 children.  They had 6 children.
  • Hugh had 4 children. They had 13 children.
  • Minnie had 12 children. They had 30 children.
My father and his brothers with Uncle Hugh Reed Averetts sons.
Two Reed cousins.  My father and his brothers with Uncle Hugh Reed Averett’s sons. Front are Henry and Hugh Cleage. Back are my father Albert Cleage, Hugh Averett, Thomas Averett and Louis Cleage.

My father had 29 1st cousins on his mother’s side. He had 63 1st cousins 1X removed on his mother’s side.  Josie’s Branch disappeared.  That gives me 63 known 2nd cousins on this side.

Cleage Cousins – some of  Albert, Henry and Edwards children.

My paternal grandfather Albert B. Cleage had 4 siblings. Henry had 3 children. Edward had 6 children. Josie had 5 children.  My father had 14 1st cousins on his father’s side.  He had 30 1st cousin 1X removed. That gives me 30 2nd cousins on this side.

So, on my father’s side I have 43 1st cousins 1X removed and 93 2nd cousins.  On my mother’s side I have 4 1st cousins 1X removed and 4 second cousins making a combined total of 47 1st cousins once removed and 97 2nd cousins.


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  1. Quite an exercise … I think I will try it. Not sure I can name them all but won’t know until I have at it ….LOL Are your Graham cousins here in Indy … if so I think I know a few of them (Mershell is not a common name). Thanks for the model and sharing I truly enjoyed.

    1. I couldn’t go any further without asking some cousins or using a chart.

      We lost touch with all my grandfather’s people so I don’t know where they are. You know a Mershell Graham? Maybe you know my long lost cousins!

  2. I’m impressed that you were able to calculate these numbers. I agree with Mary–It is quite an exercise. I love the picture of you holding the dolls. Your were adorable.

  3. A wonderful family record, especially with having the photographs, and I ency you having so many relations. Although both my parents came from families of 5 + children, I have only 5 first cousins and lost contact with some of them, though in recent years have discovered through my blog 2 third cousins and 2 second cousin.

  4. We were the only grandchildren on both the paternal and maternal sides. I didn’t have first cousins. Your pictures are beautiful treasures.

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