A Poem From My Cousin

My cousin Marilyn recently sent me copies of some photographs and family documents. Tucked into the envelope was this poem. She asked me to share it, and even though modesty made me hesitate to publish it, here it is.

My Cousin Kris

I'm helping Marilyn roller skate. About 1958 on Calvert in Detroit.
I’m helping Marilyn roller skate. About 1958 on Calvert in Detroit.

She keeps all the pictures,
And copies all the stuff.
And after all that creative work,
That still is not enough.

She sends copies to the family
And searches for the lost.
All out of her pocket,
Never asking for a cost

She loves the work she’s doing,
And is very computerized.
She’ll create a family tree
And come up with great surprises.

Always helping family,
Raising all her own
Productive, wonderful children,
From the seeds that she has sown.

Another generation
Has come into her life
Beautiful, smart grandbabies
The daughters, now a wife.

She has a laugh that makes me smile
And we remember olden days.
A cousin I can talk to
With great listening ways.

My cousin Kris, so smart
To go with a special soul
A mind forever thinking
And a warm heart of gold.

Cuz, keep doing what you’re doing
Be blessed in all your days
Know you’re appreciated
In oh, so many ways!

By Marilyn Elkins

18 thoughts on “A Poem From My Cousin

    1. I agree. Love the photo and the poem. It seems you’ve always done this, that your whole life is a flowering, a beautiful expression of your “Cousin Kris”-ness.

  1. Oh I love this! I love the photo too. It’s so lovely that cousin takes the time to express her appreciation of you, the cousin, mother, archivist, friend who undertakes all things with a pure heart. I am so glad you posted it.

  2. I want to be your cousin, too.
    You are amazing and the poem is beautiful. Stored in my heart this Dia de los Muertos, 2013.

  3. The poem is so beautiful, so descriptive, so right! Drink in those words. Chew them well and let them provide you sustenance to do just as the poem said, “keep doing what you’re doing”.

  4. My all-time favorite blog post — and you know me well enough to imagine what that means. You deserve every well-chosen word.

  5. Now that poem deserves more than a smile and a hand clap from me Kristin. It tells me you are appreciated and loved, not just for what you do, but also for who you are.

  6. What a WONDERFUL poem of thanksgiving for all you do Kristin! You and Marilyn are cute as can be in that photo too. I’m so glad you shared this poem with us. She has done an excellent job capturing who you are and what you mean to the family!

  7. Looking in from the outside of your family and all your dedication to your research and family, I reckon your cousin has got it spot on!! I’m so glad she wrote it and that you shared it.

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