Ghosting – 1925

My aunt Anna Cecelia was born January 29, 1925 in Detroit, Michigan. She is the little ghost baby being held by her mother, my grandmother Pearl Reed Cleage.
Mama and nana peela
Barbbara & Gladys
My aunt Gladys looks like she is either returning or leaving the scene via time travel.
Mr. Louis
Age 12, – 1925
Mr. Louis Cleage, age 12 wrote names on the backs of the photos.


Here is a family photograph from about 20 years later. From L to right we have Barbara (who we can actually see.) Henry, Anna, mother Pearl and in the front is Gladys.

21 thoughts on “Ghosting – 1925

  1. I’ve come across some old family photos very similar to that last shot – badly yellowed with either vague or completely washed-out faces & even with today’s computer ‘magic’ fix-up abilities, there’s not much you can do with them unfortunately. I always try, though.

  2. Interesting fuzzy photos – but at least you can identify the people. Today I would probably throw out my failed photos, but they do still represent our wider family and evoke family memories, so are worth keeping for that alone.

  3. Ghosting is right!!
    I’ll join my voice to others in saying that that first pic does it for me.
    This one could launch a million stories, gothic style!!
    The look of that girl on the left is haunting,
    and the whole atmosphere is simply gorgeous.
    Love it!!

  4. I have to agree with Sean and TickleBear, the first picture looks pretty spooky, what with Halloween coming up, fits right in!

  5. Kristin! What a surprise to find that you have imperfect photos. I look at all the photos you post and always assumed that every one in your collection was perfect. I think the one of the young man in the chair isn’t too bad – could probably be adjusted with a digital photo program, maybe….

    1. I included the one of my Uncle Louis as a 12 year old, even though it wasn’t really bad, because he wrote on the back of all the photos identifying everybody. Even my bad photos are good 🙂

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