Sugar Island July 3, 1919

“Sugar Island Group” My grandmother, Fannie Mae Turner Graham is lounging in the middle front. She had moved to Detroit with my grandfather in 1918 after their marriage in Montgomery, AL.

Sugar Island is a small island in the Detroit River between Grosse Ile and Boblo Island. Sugar Island is part of Grosse Ile Township, Wayne County, Michigan, USA, and lies about 0.5 miles (0.80 km) west of the border with Canada. Currently the island is uninhabited and was recently converted to wildlife refuge by the US Fish and Wildlife service (see below). The majority of the island is wooded and it is known for its white sandy beaches and easy access by boat.” From Wikepedia

More of the Sugar Island Group.
“The A.A.O.C. Club Bunch (I don’t know what the initials stand for_
“Dinner On Sugar Island.”
Sugar Island Photos

9 thoughts on “Sugar Island July 3, 1919

  1. such amazing images! they are like art. they ARE art. i am glad you are curating them.

    1. I have been in sort of a posting slump and remembered I have all these photographs and could post some. I thought I had done a post about Sugar Island but apparently I just gathered information and never did.

    1. So do I Linda. And they look so cool too. This was the brief period between binding undergarmets and they just look flowing and comfortable.

  2. …back when black women were naturally beautiful, classy, and took pride in the way they dressed. Love it!

  3. I think that A.A.O.C. might stand for African American Outdoor Club or something along those lines. That’s just my guess. Cool pictures…..

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