3 Generations of Turner Women

My great grandmother, Jennie Virginia Allen Turner, her daughter Daisy Turner, my grandmother, Fannie Turner Graham, my aunt Mary Virginia Graham Elkins, my mother Doris Graham Cleage.  Car in the background – Lizzie.  Taken in the alley outside the fence of my grandparents house on Theodore St. Detroit.  1937.

5 thoughts on “3 Generations of Turner Women

  1. Cute Photo! Wonder if they were trying to keep the car in the photo as well??

  2. I don't think so. They probably didn't even realize it was in the photo! Most people seem to think there is a lot less space around them when photographs are taken then there really is. So many photos with a big empty space around four people leaning in together to make sure they get in the picture.

    My grandfather was still driving that car throughout the 1960's. I remember many outings to Belle Isle (big park in Detroit) and the zoo with my sister, cousins and me smashed into the back seat.

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