Poppy – The Worker

While looking for summer photographs, I came across this photograph of my grandfather Graham and this poem by Edgar A. Guest that my my grandmother Graham saved in her scrapbook.


Mershell “Shell” Graham.Taken in 1962, Milford, MI. on Old Plank Road.


From my grandmother Fannie’s scrapbook. “That’s my Shell” 1-25-59.

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5 Responses to Poppy – The Worker

  1. tony z says:

    Words To Live A Life By.

  2. Alex Daw says:

    I really like that poem – despite the soppiness – particularly the phrase “life’s overalls” – I’ve never heard of the name Mershell – is it unusual or a common name or a surname that’s been made into a christian name if you know what I mean?

    • Kristin says:

      I have never heard of the name Mershell outside of my family. My mother said it was originally Michel but someone changed it because Michel wasn’t an American name.

  3. Mary McCawley says:

    How flattering. I knew I liked his face.

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