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My Genealogy Plan for 2011

My first blog post was May 24, 2010.  I hoped it would help me organize my genealogy information and share it with my family in a way that they would actually read it.  I succeeded with both and along the way found some interesting and informative blogs and met some interesting bloggers.  Here is what I would like to accomplish in 2011. 

1.  This would be my father Albert B. Cleage Jr’s 100th birthday this year if he hadn’t died on February 20, 2000.  I plan to do 100 blog posts about him this year.  Maybe I’ll start with his birth and move forward with 1 a year with 11 bonus posts.

2.  Participate in the 52 weeks of Personal Genealogy and History, Sepia Saturday and at least a few Carnivals of Genealogy.

3.  Scan my photograph collection and organize it both on and off the computer and share the photos with family.

4.  Write up more of my ancestors stories.

5.  Organize and write up the information we recently received from my husband’s new found cousin from the Davenport/Brown line, from Mer Rouge, LA.

6.  Identify and send for documents I don’t have for my parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

7.  Re-establish communication with several cousins I have neglected.

8.  Transcribe the interview with my aunt Anna made during a family gathering in December, 2005.

9.  Identify what information I need to get while visiting Athens, Tennessee in July. 

10.  Visit the National Archives and/or the local Family History Center to become familiar with the information available.

11.  Continue to organize the information I have already found.