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Theme Reveal A-Z Challenge 2022

I Was There! The 1950 US Census.

Me in front of the parsonage. October 1950 Springfield, Massachusetts.

I have gone through a couple of possible themes for this year’s A to Z Challenge… my grandfather Poppy’s migration from Alabama to Detroit in 1917, and revisiting favorite posts from the past 12 years of blogging.

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Then I realized that the 1950 U. S. census would be released on April 1 and I decided that was what I wanted to be doing all of April and beyond, looking at the 1950 Cenus because I WAS THERE!

So, that is going to be my theme. I’ve written a few hypothetical posts about what I expect to find, now I can fact check and see what was really going on. Or what my family told the census taker anyway. Also included will be various facts about what was going on in my four year old life – what books was I being read, visits to and from Detroit, what toys was I playing with, milk delivery by horse and wagon and what was the news of the day (which most likely passed me by at the time).

I am going to try and get some posts written between now and then, after all there are three weeks and if I do one post a day, it’ll be almost as stressful as doing one post a day during the challenge. Not quite though. I can do all of them except those that I actually need to see the 1950 Census for. I think.

This will be my ninth A to Z Challenge. My first was in 2012 and I missed last year, only doing two before dropping out. I’m looking forward to reliving life as a four year old, with good knees and my life before me.