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Girl On A Bike -Sepia Saturday #162

This is my second photo for the February Photo Collage Festival and the Family History Writing Challenge, click on the link to see the full collage. I didn’t put the actual picture in the collage because it is a Sepia Saturday entry. The prompt is in the bottom row towards the center. It shows some young telegraph boys with their bikes in front of part of a sign saying “Telegraph”. You can click the collage to enlarge it.


Here we have a rather blurry photograph of two mystery girls and a bike. It was in my box of Cleage photographs but I don’t recognize them as relatives. Sometimes the Cleage photographers took street photos of random people so perhaps this is one of those.  Looks like they are on a big street passing a  store of some kind.  Looking in the window I seem to see a fan over the shoulder of the walking girl.  The partial sign seems to be for a hardware store advertising “scales, ladders, shot guns and crock(ery)”.

From looking at the clothes and shoes the girls are wearing and the lettering on the signs, I think it was taken in the mid to late 1940s. I am open to more informed opinions on that. Just a minute while I locate the original photograph so I can describe it. The paper this is printed on is thick. There are some matte photos printed on thick paper. This one is glossy, there seems to be a glossy layer added. It measures 5″w x 3.5″h. Of course there is no identification on the back.

While looking for the photo to describe it I came across several photos that will be excellent for future SepiaSaturday posts. I even found a nice birds eye view shot of two girls riding a bike but I will have to save that for the inevitable next bicycle prompt.

For a more personal look at bikes and biking read my old Sepia Saturday post Biking at Old Plank Road, 1962.

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Biking at Old Plank Road, 1962

My mother and I ready for a bike ride.

I was 16 and my mother was 39 in this photograph. We were getting ready to go bike down Old Plank Road. I was bare footed. We used to bike past the neighbors on the hill and down to a pond that was small and weedy. Sometimes we skated there in the winter. The neighbors had two big dogs that were often outside and we would peddle fast to get past before the dogs got to the road. We’d take enough time riding to the pond and looking at the water for them to go back up and then we’d repeat the ride back to the house. The dogs never got to us.

Barefoot biking.

I got my first bike on my 8th birthday. It was a basic, blue bike. I didn’t know how to ride and it took me so long to learn that my mother finally threatened to give the bike to my cousin Barbara if I didn’t learn how to ride. I don’t remember anybody holding the bike and running with me. I do remember practicing in the driveway of the house on Chicago until I learned to ride. At that point I only rode around the block.

When I was older, I remember going bike riding all around the neighborhood with my cousins, Dee Dee and Barbara. We rode in the street, which I wasn’t supposed to do. My sister and I used to go bike riding too but we usually had a destination – the library or my grandmother’s house. I lost that bike when I left it unchained outside of a store on W. Grand Blvd. We were on the way home from the Main Library. Later it was replaced by a three speed bike. I had that one up at Old Plank until we sold the place and then I had it in the Detroit. It too was stolen when my husband left it unchained on a porch one night.

When we lived in Idlewild, from 1986 to 2007, I used to ride my Uncle Hugh’s old bike. It had a bigger than average seat which made it more comfortable for me to ride, however it was old and had been through a lot and the tires were sort of crooked. I enjoyed riding it the 4 miles around the lake and for one memorable 5 mile ride into town with my daughter, Ife. She was going to work so she had 6 hours between her rides. I had to turn around and ride 5 miles back. If the streets around my house here were flat and I didn’t see rottweilers trotting down the street alone, I would get a bike and ride now.  I know I am not going to take a bike to a park to ride.

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