9 thoughts on “Their Own Marching Band

  1. A real musical family, all in a row. Another photo I love, and please tell me, did you already write about them? I love "Strictly Ballroom" too!

  2. I didn't. I don't know a lot but I will put them on the list. it's so much easier to do the wordless posts ;-P

  3. Having been in marching band in high school, I love the idea of raising your own band! I'm with Barbara – hope to read about this family!

  4. This is a fabulous photo. I too treasure family photographs. I am so grateful to the family members who willingly shared family photos with me and still hopeful for the ones who haven't. Today's technology makes it so painless to share. In years past they had to divide them or, this breaks my heart, throw them away.

  5. Do you know that this would have been a PERFECT post to link to Sepia Saturday last week? It was on musical instruments.

  6. Kathy, you're right! I remembered the photo but figured I'd already used it but I see I didn't use it on Sepia Saturday. I'm sure another musical prompt will come up in the next 100 posts!

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