More Visitors in the yard

"Theodore backyard Rance Allen"

Another in the series of photographs taken in my maternal grandparents yard in Detroit.  Shell was my grandfather.  John Wesley was my grandmother’s first cousin who was visiting from Chicago.  This photo was taken the same day as the fourth photo down on the linked page, dated September 21, 1961.  On the back of the photo it says “Our backyard 9-21-1961 (right to left) John Wesley, John Bishops son, Ernest and Shell”

2 thoughts on “More Visitors in the yard

  1. Great photo, Kristin. I just love men in hats! BTW, what is on the tripod, next to the men?

  2. I just fixed the photo so it will enlarge. I noticed some of the photographs that I thought were enlarging, aren't. The tripod is really not. There is a swing in the background. Two of the legs look like they are forming a tripod with a third pipe that actually goes up higher and isn't attached to the swing and has what looks like a propeller on top. I have no idea what that was and don't remember ever seeing it! I hope you can see it more clearly now that it will enlarge.

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