Two Views of Jilo – Sepia Saturday #135

In 1973 my sister, Pearl, worked with the television program “Good Morning Atlanta”.  One day Susan and Big Bird, from Sesame Street, appeared on the show. There was an audience drawn from a local elementary school. My oldest daughter, Jilo, was 2.5 years old. Pearl invited her to come on the show too. She seems to enjoy sitting on Susan’s lap but be a bit skeptical of Big Bird.

Jilo sitting on Susan’s lap.
Jilo looking at Big Bird. His head seems to be tucked down.
Entry from Jilo’s Baby Book.

“Jilo meets Big Bird, Susan, Gordon on Pearl’s show.  She sang with them and will be on the show October 19, 1973.  Went right up to Susan just like old friends. Received a record, autographed.  Even Ife was quiet during the taping.”

Ife was about 7 months old.  So, Jilo did get a momento. After I read this I remembered how we played that record over and over and over, for a long time.

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20 thoughts on “Two Views of Jilo – Sepia Saturday #135

  1. Oh my goodness Big Bird! Too cool. What adorable photos and such cool memories!

  2. What a great post and I love the way it reflects the theme image without taking any particular element of it – just reflects a kind of joy and fascination that is one of the great gifts children have.

  3. You’ve done it again Kristin! You have such a fabulous store of wonderful and unusual photos in your albums. The look on your daughter’s face is very telling!

  4. Who would ever forget being that close to Big Bird. A Big Thrill and a fabulous memory. This is a great photo – light, composition and your daughter’s tiny, smiling face.

  5. Great photos!. I too grew up w/ Susan and Big Bird, from Sesame Street, on TV in Australia. Your dau Jilo looks at ease 🙂

  6. How cool that Jilo got to meet Susan & Big Bird! Guess she was just too young to remember, but you can tell by the look on her face that she enjoyed the moment. Fun times.

  7. Oh WOW! Wonderful photos and memories. I grew up with Big Bird and Sesame Street. Like most kids this is how I learnt the alphabet and I remember having arguments with mum about “zee” vs “zed”.

  8. Did you get Big Bird’s autograph? Probably looks like chicken scratch. I’m glad you have these photos since Jilo was too young to remember.

  9. This is just so very cool! Sure beats the shot I have of my Brownie Troop with Bozo, who really was a bozo.

    I mean…BIG BIRD!

  10. This is so very cool! What a great memory! The one and only time my son saw big bird was outside the grocery store for some charity event and he started screaming bloody murder and wouldn’t have anything to do with him.

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