Almost APRIL!

I am finishing up my posts for the April A to Z Challenge! I can’t believe I’ve completed all but two of my posts for the WHOLE CHALLENGE! I still have to complete “O” and “Y”, which I will wrap up today. I will be able to devote the month to visiting other blogs and replying to my (hopefully) numerous comments! And…

writing a poem a day for Na/GloPoWriMo (National/Global Poetry Writing Month) on my Ruff Draft blog. This is the 20th year of the challenge and the 5th year I have participated. I have been really lax about writing poetry since the Half Marathon last June!

10 thoughts on “Almost APRIL!

  1. Well done. I am not as prepared as you but have prepared some posts in advance. It makes for a less stressful month.

    Look forward to following along again

    It is already April here in Australia ????

      1. Oh Kristin, good for you! Having only just decided to go ahead and take the plunge I just have tentative topics for each of the entries but everything else is ahead of me.
        Looking forward to following you this month.

  2. Congratulations – I am so impressed. I am well ahead with my drafts – far better than in any previous Challenge year, but am struggling with some late letters – Q and X for once are done, but still undecided on W Y and Z. Enjoy reading other blog posts in the challenge!

    1. I googled words that start with a “Q” and found a word I hadn’t used before but which fit into this years plan.

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