May 28, 1905 – A Walk, Request For A Photograph & Mother Ill in Benton Harbor.

Pearl Reed

No envelope

2730 Kenwood Ave
May 28, 1905

Dear Homer

Your letters were received and I should have written sooner but I just neglected it. How are you? I am quite well myself. (as if I could be well anybody else!) It is about (9P.M.) nine o’clock and quite cool after a very hot day. I visited Riverside Park today and found it very warm, very dusty, very crowded and noisy and so came back home much more uncomfortable and disgusted with the heat than ever. I do not like the place a bit. Do you? I just returned from a pleasant walk, through that compensates for the trip to the park. Do not laugh Homer! I am aware that it is nothing like the trips that you take to the mountains but we have none you know. Please send me your sympathy, that a good boy!

Ok Homer I wish that you could sketch so that when you go sight seeing you could send me the pictures that I might see too. That reminds me, Homer, get a photo of yourself taken and send it to me, will you? Please do Homer, and I will think you are the most kind man that ever was (or boy) and “maybe” I shall give you one of mine.

How is your mother? Does she and your friends want you to come home? I know they would like to see you. I have not heard from mother for more than a week. She was ill then and I am anxious about her.

Visited my church this morning. Did you go to church Homer? I hope you did.

Do you read much now? I haven’t lately. I did not get a book from the library the other day. I simply read a while in the reading room, a May or June magazine. After returning from the park about five (5) o’clock, I read awhile in the little book by Emerson that you gave me in 1903, nearly “two centuries”, ago. Homer I think he must have been or is a lovely old man, don’t you?

The boys send best regards to you.
Do not forget the photo Homer, please.
Yours sincerely
Pearl D. Reed


Pearl lived at the far lower right corner of the blacked out block.  Click to enlarge.

Pearl’s house is down there in the block of the black square. Riverside Park is up at the top.