Progress on the dollhouse

Since posting on the dollhouse last week slow but steady progress has been made. Jim took over the sanding and glueing.
 Jim begins some serious sanding.
 Sanding the floor.  I don’t think this wood has been paint free since before the dollhouse was built.
The back has been removed.
 Almost free of paint and ready for cracks and holes to be filled.
 Jim filled the cracks down the side between the two pieces of wood Poppy put together with spackling paste.  He filled some holes in the wood in too.
The dollhouse sits clamped and drying.
I have not been just twiddling my thumbs while Jim works on the house.  I’ve gone through what was left from my children’s dollhouse days and collected a few things.
Free samples of “Allure Resilient Plank Flooring” from Home Depot that I am going to cut down to dollhouse size planks for wood floors and tile squares for the kitchen.
 Muslin for curtains.  I will do some folding paper window shades for some windows.
 The old wood stove is the only original furnishing. It needs to be polished and also needs covers for top. The tea set I bought years ago at a dollar store. I didn’t realize I was collecting things for when I fixed up the house.  The bottle caps are newly collected for future pies.  The little chest is from my children’s day.
 A rocking chair I made for my kids dollhouse. A cream holder I saved a few years ago because it looked like a dollhouse sized waste basket. A box of National Geographic magaziness my daughter made long ago and some books I made last week from free printies and styrofoam. Behind all is a cabinet I bought cheap at Michael’s several years ago because it looked like it needed a dollhouse to be in.
 Acorn caps from our bountiful supply that will be sanded to sit flat as wooden bowls.  A plastic case for gum massagers that looks like a future laptop to me.
This egg carton plastic will be cut down and made into window greenhouses for the kitchen.

8 thoughts on “Progress on the dollhouse

  1. Thanks Jan! I think so too. I'm thinking about the people who are going to live there. I'm thinking it's an older couple but maybe their kids and grandkids live in a box and come over for holidays ;-P

  2. Oh, I'm just so tickled by this – love it that your future dollhouse inhabitants are going to be tech-savvy and have laptops. And window greenhouses! What a great project!

  3. Thanks for the update. I was wondering how things were going with your project. It is going to beautiful when it is all done.

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