A Plea For Peace – Signed by Rev. Albert B. Cleage, Jr – 1948

"Plea for Peace"
Americans want and  CAN HAVE PEACE.  Many of us are shocked at the war hysteria evident in the President’s message to Congress on St. Patricks Day.  We must not be swept into war.  We will not flinch in our determination to save our traditional American freedom. The fight for democracy and for peace is not subversive – it is our American heritage.
Because our American tradition has made it possible for peoples of all creeds and opinions to live in peace within our borders, we know that Americans can live in peace with all peoples of the world no matter what their way of life. The United Nations must be supported and strengthened as the hope and prayer of all mankind for deliverance from the barbarism of atomic war.
We plead with Congress not to accept the President’s proposals on Universal Military Training and the draft as this program would militarize America and thereby lead to a police state and to war.  We urge all like-minded people to make known their views. WRITE A LETTER TO YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND SENATORS TODAY.
Rev. F. B. Archibald                            Ben Wolf                                      R.C. Weller, Jr.
Rev. James H. Hamer                          Dr. Carolyn Prowler                     Prof. Frank A. Warren
Rev. Glenn B. Glazier                         Robenia Anthony                         Rev. Albert B. Cleage, Jr.
Rev. Hadley B. Williams                    Maurice Kurn                               Rev. Hesakiah M. Hutchings
Rev. Emory Lincoln Wallace             Richard M. Klein                          Rabbi Samuel Price
Leon Massa                                        Rev. Howard L. Moore                 Sigmond Gomula
Abe Hoffman                                      Rev. W.T. Teague                         Martin Griffin
                                                            Prof. Charles H. Hapgood           Rabbi Naphthali Frischberg

2 thoughts on “A Plea For Peace – Signed by Rev. Albert B. Cleage, Jr – 1948

  1. This was in response to the Cold War build up? Hard to imagine what people must have felt after WWII.

  2. Probably the way many felt after the war in Vietnam, couldn't believe another war would come in our lifetime. In 1948, it was less than 3 years since it ended.

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