Finding Alice

Robert Pope, Jennie V. Turner, Beulah Pope (back) Alice Turner, my Aunt Daisy.

August 18 was my Great Aunt Alice’s birthday.  I decided to do a quick post about her. Found a few photographs.  Wrote out my memories. Something wasn’t right. I wrote a cousin and my sister asking for their memories. They both sent them and of course all of our memories both overlap and are different. I found my mother’s memories. I looked for more photos. I looked for documents. I realized some of what I “knew” I couldn’t document. So, I’ve spent the last week trying to figure Alice’s life out when there is no one left to ask about particulars. Now I’m working on a timeline to incorporate both the facts and the memories and the contradictions. Today I dug out a photograph I vaguely remembered as being of Alice and my great grandmother Jennie in Canada. As soon as I found it, I realized that the young man and one of the other women were also relatives. The woman behind my great grandmother was her youngest sister, Beulah Allen Pope and her son, Robert is the young man in the front. I recognized them because Robert’s daughter sent me a photograph of them that must have been taken the same day because they are wearing the same clothes.  The photo is dated “July 31, 1921 Toronto Windsor, Canada.” I did not realize they were there so early. More wondering and looking.  I have ordered Alice’s Social Security application and death certificate hoping to find more information.

Photo sent by cousin Ruth. Taken in Detroit.

4 thoughts on “Finding Alice

  1. They are neat photographs. It is a lot of work to search these things but it is worth it.

  2. I enjoy the search. Those around me may be getting a bit tired of Alice but I am just getting started.

  3. Kristin,
    I've never sent for someone's Social Security application. Is there some kind of timeline for keeping them secret? For instance, the Census is held for 71 years before it can be released. I'll be interested to hear how much information you get from the application. Looking forward to following this story.

  4. Kathy, you can find the information if you google Request for a Deceased Individual's Social Security Record. There doesn't seem to be a time limit nor do you have to identify your relationship to them.

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