25 thoughts on “My parents about 1943

  1. The photo looks like simpler times but they had a very complex relationship and things weren't as simple as they seemed.

  2. I think it was Nancy. I believe that it was after my sister and I were born that my father expected my mother to take up the role of wife and mother as his mother had while my mother felt constricted to be confined to that role. She enjoyed the time before we came when they were meeting life's interesting times together, not after he was having the interesting times and she was at home. Even though my sister and I were wonderful children and practically perfect.

  3. What an amazing blog! I am so glad I happened upon this spot from FaceBook. I can't wait to take my time & browse slowly. I love the pictures of 'back then.'

  4. I think there really were no simpler times. Times always look simpler when we are past them. They are a lovely couple in this picture–and they certainly contributed to this world!!

  5. A spectacular photo on its own merits, but when combined with the comments your mother's posture seems much more relaxed and freer than your father's. Those were challenging days for women (unlike the bliss that is today…). It is just so lovely, though.

  6. Awhile ago I wrote about my mother's childhood (on the finding Eliza blog) and I plan to write about her adult life but there is so much to it, I haven't done it yet. I need to write it for myself at any rate.

  7. Yes, it's a nice photo indeed. I wonder what they are talking about. And who made the picture, there must have been at least a third person present, or maybe a group of friends?

  8. My father and his three brothers all took photographs all the time. The Meadows was a place where it isn't likely they would have been the only ones around. It was a country place within driving distance of Detroit bought by black professionals so that their families could get out of Detroit without worrying about racism. I think it would be one of the brothers because it turned up in the family photographs with others on the same sort of paper etc.

  9. Simpler times indeed. She looks so relaxed, I'm not so sure about him – it must be the jacket.

  10. Wonderful shot. Almost looks a publicity shot taken of movie stars from a film.

  11. I LOVE this photo of your parents. The setting for this relaxed moment between them was truly picture perfect!

  12. It took me a little time to work out the angles. Such a magnificent photograph. An almost perfect match for my own Sepia Saturday contribution.

  13. What a charming, relaxed candid photo! I almost feel like they're talking quietly together and I'm intruding on their intimacy. Thanks for sharing!

  14. A very unusual photo indeed, it pulls you in, makes you wonder and think. It is so unusual, and a lovely scene, the water the tree, laying in the grass. WINNER!!!

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