A Card Party

The only person  I recognize at this card party is my Aunt Barbara in the bottom two photographs.  I am told they are playing Bridge. I think late 1930s or early 1940s.

Aunt Barbara looking off into the middle distance on the couch.

My Aunt Barbara looking skeptical in the center.

12 thoughts on “A Card Party

  1. I am always amazed to see that women so often wore hats wherever they went in the 1940s. Your Aunt Barbara is very lovely. She may look skeptical but she also looks beautiful in the last photo.

  2. Oh I wonder what that woman is eating in the final shot that has your aunt so skeptical. The way the woman holds it you'd think it might be something messy.

  3. Oh, well matched. It seems that whatever I come up with themers such as yourself can find something within your family albums to match the subject.

  4. Clever you! I couldn’t find anything half as good as this. So on theme too.

  5. The card game looks so formal. Whistdrives in our village were much more relaxed in the 1950s, I never saw a hat. Your Aunt Barbara looks as if she is suggesting the other lady is eating something that's not good for her,

  6. Lovely Aunt Barbara. I am beyond impressed that you could find family photos to match this theme.

  7. the last one looks like a still shot from a movie set. it feels that glam despite the simplicity of the scene.
    i like it very much!!

  8. How lovely and unusual to have photos of your relatives playing cards! Thank you for the chance to see.

  9. Kristin, your card party photos are beautiful!

    I actually came upon an old photo of my mother and her siblings playing a very lively game of cards (probably bid-whist) that I just may post in the near future. Then again, they are carrying on so in that photo that my mom may not let me post it — LOL!

  10. It Looks Quite A Social Occasion, With The Card Playing only One part of the gathering. It must be an American thing….I cant imagine an English equivalent, Cards in England always seemed to be an isolated affair.
    I think Brenda was bluffing! I bet she had a really good hand!

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