Playing Ball – Old Plank – 1964


Taken at Old Plank about 1963.  Me with my cousins, Blair, Jan and Dale. They seem to be trying to pose for the photographer while I am about to cause trouble with that ball. I was a senior at Northwestern High School in Detroit.  Old Plank was 30 minutes outside of Detroit near Wixom. We had 2 acres with a big house and although there was talk of moving there, we didn’t.  We went for weekends to get out of the city until 1967, after the riot when the printing business lost the businesses that burned or left. At the same time, a man bought the barn and let his chickens and hogs run lose. Before he and Henry came to blows, they sold him the house.

There were two more photographs taken that same day. I think they were taken in the order shown below.  My uncle Henry took the photos and developed them at the print shop that he and Hugh ran at the time – Cleage Printers.

three in one

28 thoughts on “Playing Ball – Old Plank – 1964

  1. A really neat photo. Blair – if he’s the older of your cousins? – appears to have cultivated quite a bicep there. 🙂 Sad, but smart of Henry to sell the house. I can’t imagine the place was very tidy with hogs & chickens running around loose. Bummer!

  2. Wonderful picture –I wish that there was a second photo taken a few seconds later that showed what you did with the ball.

      1. LOL – I love it. It’s so much fun to see cousins enjoying each other–and coming up with a really creative idea for a photo. I’m glad my comment prompted you to add the other photos.

  3. I love your family photos. They’re beautiful and full of love. Thank you for sharing them.

    1. I was just thinking about that as I posted this. My grandchildren have not had the country experiences that we had growing up.

  4. So is that really Dale’s bicep, or just a smaller ball? I’m not sure what’s happening in the first photo in the lineup, but we know where the basketball is in the third shot!

  5. What a neat memento of you and your cousins. I have just a few photos of mine and I love to look at them and remember those days. Now I rarely see my cousins anymore.

  6. A super photo with an interesting inverted V pose that adds animation. The depth of tone in black and white film is hard to match with today’s digital.

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