A Postman, some pineapples and Alaska.

I can usually find a photograph to fit ever occasion in my collection.  Someone doubted I could find a picture in my collection of a postman, a pineapple and Alaska.  I put this together using cards in my postcard collection. I think it fits the bill. None of them are related I must admit.

7 thoughts on “A Postman, some pineapples and Alaska.

  1. that was the whole point, to suggest things that have little likelyhood to be found together. great montage and i like your sense of humor!!!!!!!!!!
    thanx 4 indulging me!!

  2. if i'd known you were going to ask this 15 years later, I would have asked my cousin to take a pineapple with her and pose with the postman when she went to alaska.

  3. You know, there could be more challenges coming your way if you're not careful! This is almost irresistibly fun.

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