Remembering Barbara Lynn Elkins

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My cousin Barbara Lynn Elkins was born in Detroit, Michigan on January 28, 1948.  She was the second child of Frank Lawton Elkins and Mary Virginia Graham Elkins.  Her first home was on MacDougal St. on Detroit’s East side.  Later they moved to Calvert, a few blocks from where we lived.  She attended Roosevelt Elementary, Durfee Junior High and Central High School.  She had two sons, Frank and Ahmad. She lived in the East Village in NYC for several years during 1969 – 1970 before returning to Detroit. She worked for many years at General Motors before they moved the plant to Texas. Through the years she took care of over 100 children as a foster mother.  She died October 14 after a long illness.  Below is Barbara’s Person of the Month article from 1991.

Front page of our family newsletter for August 1991. Barbara was person of the month. She said the dress she is wearing in the picture was her favorite.  Actually, she was my children’s first cousin once removed, not their second cousin. In 1991 I didn’t know.

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