14 thoughts on “Finished my quilt!

  1. Now I am wordless. This is just beautiful. I'm not a quilter, so I can't imagine how much time went into this soon to become family heirloom. Good work.

  2. Thank you ladies! pieced it by machine (sewed the photo squares and fabric together) and then quilted it by hand. It was the quilting that took so long, but, amazingly, once I started working on it regularly, a little at a time, I actually finished it. I am so glad to get it done. This will be my first quilt in the show and perhaps my last 😉 I think I'll do my next idea as a silk screen.

  3. That is absolutely GORGEOUS. What an heirloom for your family to treasure! Envy your skills!

  4. I made a simple baby quilt, and it took me SO LONG because I'm just not a crafty person. I can really appreciate all the time and effort that you put into your quilt. I love how the colors complement the sepia photos, too. Everything turned out so nice!

  5. Congratulations on finishing your quilt! It is absolutely beautiful! I am working on my first ever quilt and realize the time involved. I one day hope to make a photo quilt myself. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Kristin – This really is beautiful. What a wonderful quilt. Truly a work of art. Do you mind if I ask, how long did this take you?

  7. i started when i took a class in 2008. i worked on it and finished except for the actual quilting – stitching the three layers together. I did it by hand because it seemed right given the old photo theme. i did a little work on it in the intervening years and this year decided to take another class so i would work on it regularly. i mostly worked only in class, once a week for 2 hours, and finished halfway through the second quarter. so, i'm not sure but lots of hours! I am pretty good on the design and the sewing the top together but the quilting is not so fun.but it's great to finish and know i did it ALL. 😉

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