Winter 1966 knitting

Here I am starting my one and only knitting project.  When it was done the edges curled up.  It was light blue, very long and wrapped around my head and face during the cold Detroit winters.  I added fringe to the ends and wore it all through college.  I’m wearing it below in 1969.  To see other SepiaSaturday offerings  click HERE.

13 thoughts on “Winter 1966 knitting

  1. I spent about a year or eighteen months knitting in my early thirties. I made sweaters galore. . . fisherman knits, fancy patterns, angora sweaters, baby and kid sweaters. And then I was done with it.

  2. i love the top photo so thoughtful and sweet and such lovely smiles you and your friend/sister…..

  3. I love knitting. This coming weekend I am attending a knitting retreat. Do you still knit? There is something so calming about the motion of the hands and yarn.


  4. I never knitted anything else. I quilt and sew but no more knitting. That is my sister in the photo with me.

  5. This is a wonderful photo! You always have the most interesting compositions in your photos. I love the look of intense concentration on your face.

  6. Both of these photos are gorgeous, you are gorgeous.
    I started knitting as a preschooler!

  7. That first photograph is quite a beautiful study. Who cares if the edges curl up – that's what life tends to do with us over time.

  8. i love your focus on your only knitting experience. at least, you put it to good use. looking good in that 2nd pic too!! but the fact that you quilt is amazing to me. glad you found your creative side.

  9. The black and white photo at top is quite lovely. I can just imagine the rest of the chair you're sitting in – comfortable height so you can put your head back when you get tired, arms just the right height, back that fits perfectly – and you look relaxed and peaceful. That's what knitting should be about, I think. No doubt the fringe helped uncurl the ends.

  10. Well at least you made something knitting that you could and id wear! I don't know awhat ever became of my earliest projects, I seem to recall I tore them apart and rewound the yard! Nice post; and I noticed your comment that the blogs take all the time..I have found that same predicament! But so enjoyable and a way to link with others who have similar and different interests..

  11. I laughed at this because I am a serial-knitter! I got as far as two sleeves and the back of a fair isle sweater in sage green and then it sat in a bag for years ( I carried it into my marriage even, and then finally donated the wool and pieces to charity). I commend you on finishing and wearing the piece!
    I fare much better with crochet – in fact, I'm getting the urge to do some right now. Unfortunately, when we moved, I donated a huge bag of yarn and all the implements required for any needlework.
    I see a trip to the shops in my future!

    Will be back!


  12. My grandmother taught me to knit on a visit to Chicago. Unfortunately I lost one of the knitting needles she gave me on the long ride home to Houston and promptly forgot how to knit. 🙁

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