Backyard Lunch

My cousin Dee Dee, sister Pearl, me, cousin Barbara.
My cousin Dee Dee, sister Pearl, me, cousin Barbara.

This was one of the Saturdays my cousins, my sister and I spent at my maternal grandparents, Nanny and Poppy. We are eating lunch in their backyard.I can’t tell what we are eating but I do recognize the stripped plastic glasses we used when we weren’t using the metal glasses.

In the background is the Jordan’s house. It looks so much bigger than my grandparents house, which was big enough. They had a lot of children and then the mother died while the children were young and the house just went to pieces. It was already to pieces by the time we came along.

4 thoughts on “Backyard Lunch

  1. Is that a crochet blanket on the little table? I agree with Andrea, you all are enjoying the food. Everything taste better in the fresh air.

    1. I don’t remember any crocheted stuff around. There were lots of basic quilts. Or it could have been a small table cloth. I’m not sure it was a bumpy as it looks in the photo.

      We spent most of our time in the backyard when the weather was good. Which, in my memory, it always is on those Saturdays.

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