Thanks for the Springfield information

2130 S. Hobart Blvd. #4
Los Angeles 7, California
January 13, 1945

Hi Folks:

We received your letters… Daddy’s and Mama’s.  Thanks for the Springfield information … even though there ain’t no Springfield church. (Guess you-all have received my Special by this time and have finished laughing) I hasten to tell you-all that the Dean called me into the office the other day to inform me that the United Presbyterians have contacted him regarding me (Knoxville!) He had letters from Rev. Ritzer or whatever his name is that Uncle Henry corresponded with from Pennsylvania and Rev. W.E. McCulloch (name sounds familiar) out here.  I’m supposed to go and see McCulloch for an interview when I get around to it. I suppose I’ll go see him although I’d rather not go to Knoxville!!!! I’ve EXHAUSTED everyone in the Congregational Church who has influence or MIGHT know of something and to no avail.  Since the United Presbyterians seem determined to make a point of this Knoxville thing I suppose it would be in poor taste or something to mention something entirely different, a church in Detroit. So, knowing that, you-all can use your own judgement about the thing.

I’m still in the process of exhausting possibilities … I’ve gotten down to some pretty long chances at present … but so long as the typewriter holds out and we can keep in stamps we’re goin’ to keep a pesterin’ everybody. (Ain’t wrote to Mrs. Roosevelt yet!) I ain’t as panicky as I sound (I hope) but our present set-up ain’t tolerable for long…We can’t live in the manner to which we aint accustomed on $30.00 a week.  We’d like to figure out something semi-practical soon! (See, Louis, we are too a-tryin’) (and registration just around the corner!)

I wasn’t laughin’ at those shirts and ties, Mama! They just looked like Pee-Wee and Gladys rather than you.  I could just see you a-tellin’ them that a PREACHER shouldn’t wear such sporty attire.  Pee-Wee:  That there tie-clasp of your-n is the only way I can really tell that I’m dressed up now… When I got it on I’m “ON”… and when I got my everyday piece-of-one on I’m rough-sharp. (Everything else remains the same!)

Well, so long…got to go to bed now. Doris is stretched out on the bed (with all her clothes on … just like Pee Wee on the couch (mouth open … droolin’ and everything). 

Did I ever mention, Doris is a perfect combination of Louis and Pee-Wee (Evil as a snake sweet like Louis and triflin’ industrious like Pee-Wee!) We received Gladys’ letters too, in case I didn’t mention them in the last letter.

Doris made me change this!             

10 thoughts on “Thanks for the Springfield information

  1. Kristin,
    Two observations:
    I loved this letter. His personality just jumped out from the paper. I love his sense of humor. Wish I could have known him.

    However, what’s wrong with us that we are blogging during the Super Bowl? Does that say something about us?

  2. Well Kathy, I don’t think I’ve ever watched the Super Bowl. My husband doesn’t watch it either. Some of my kids are watching I’m sure.

  3. Love the humor and personality showing here. What treasures these are.

    I don’t watch the Super-Bowl or any other football for that matter.

    Peace …

  4. This does express so much. Were I you’re mother a shoe might have gone flying across the room if he read those last lines aloud. What a joy to have these letters.

    And I just noticed you’ve changed the photos on the header! Love the children.

  5. He must have read them aloud since she made him change it. I wish i had some of her letters. She kept a journal from the time she was a young teenager through her marriage. Unfortunately she destroyed it so I can only piece together her side from things she said later.

  6. Oh and the children are – my sister Pearl; my father; my father’s sister Gladys; my father’s brother Hugh; my father’s cousins who lived in Athens TN; my mother and her older sister; me; my oldest daughter.

  7. Dear Kris,

    Boy, I hope that you don’t decide to become an historian cuz, if you do, I’ll be out of work! Your transcription of your Pop’s letter is more faithful that those produced by 99.9 percent of scholars, who usually convert underscoring to italics and wholly ignore strike-overs or only include them as SILENT revisions. You’d make a fearsome scholarly or documentary editor, as they’re called, because you care enough to preserve your Pop’s composition PROCESS.

    As if this isn’t enough, you included a hi-res scan of the ENVELOPE!

    Girl, you’ve always been my hero, but you continue to become even more so. I hope that this letter communicates the depth of my respect and gratitude. If not, please read between the lines. I have the honor to remain

    Your Li’l Bro’ and Student,


  8. Believe me, Kris, you’re setting the standard for the rest of us. What amazes me is that you’re as conscientious in your treatment of history as you are creative in your art. I don’t know anyone, not excluding my brilliant genealogist sister Lisa, who does a better job of honoring, and sharing, their family’s history as you do. I have to believe that your beloved parents and other gone-home relatives are smiling on your labors.

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