Index to Special Examiner’s Report

This is the order of the next round of testimonies. Also listed is race, reliability of testimony, and biased for or against Katie Cleage. After these will come a wrap-up and decision regarding Katie’s pension. (I figured out how to make a table and that made transcribing the table so much easier!)

PagesNames of WitnessesExhibitsDepositionsReputation
2Notice to ClaimantA
5-7Claimant’s statementB.Good
8-9John H. Cleage (white)C.Good – Biased against
10Mrs. T. A. Cleage, Sr (white)D.Good – Biased against
11-12David Bridges (colored)E.Good – Unbiased
13-14Millie Valentine (colored)F.Good – Unbiased
15-16Edmonia Charlton (colored)G.Good – Unbiased
17-18Isaac Charlton (colored)H.Good – Unbiased
19-20Minerva Allen (colored)I.Good – Unbiased
21-23Lucy McCaurey (colored)K.Good – Unbiased
24-25Charles A. Cleage (colored)L.Good – Biased against
26-27Thomas Bradford (colored)M.Good – Biased against
28-30Sallie Clegg Marsh (colored)N.Good – Biased against
31James F. Bradford (white)O.Good – Unbiased
32-33Patsey Clegg (colored)P.Doubtful – Biased against
34-35Adeline Sherman (colored)R.Doubtful – Biased against
36-37Katie Clegg (claimant)S.Good – Unbiased
38-41Jemima Cleage (white)T.Good – Unbiased
42-43Lucy McMaurey (colored)U.Good – Unbiased
44-45John L. Atlee, M.C. (white)V.Good – Unbiased
46Copy of record fromW.

Posts in this series so far:
Katie & Philip Cleage
“Until I Was Obliged to Leave” – Katie Cleage
“My husband purchased her when quite a child…” – Jemima Cleage
“I stood aloof and they took him away” – James Royal
“Even then she followed him” – Isaac Charlton 
“I had well nigh despaired of the case”  
“I have had two children…”
“He was a slave of Alex Cleage”
“…5 months before he was taken”
“She had not married since”
“We owned a hundred slaves”

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