15 thoughts on “Naomi Tulane’s Engagement Photograph 1920

  1. As much as I love this photo, I wonder why he didn't take her face. Her hair is great though. You have such nice photos to share.

  2. How interesting. I wonder if it was typical to take a picture from that angle. It's beautiful, but it doesn't really show what she looked like.

  3. I Like The Pose. Looking Beyond & Forward rather than the usual 'mug-shots'.Yes, She Is Beautiful, We Can See That Much!

  4. I also think this is an unusual and interesting pose. I often see old photos taken from the side with the woman looking over her shoulder toward the camera, but never turned quite so far. I'll go look at the other photo of her. Is the one of her husband taken from a similar angle? She has beautiful hair.

  5. I talked to Naomi's daughter over a year ( I really need to get back in touch) and she said there was a similar photo of the husband. They were supposed to be facing each other. But, the photographer made a mistake and they were both facing the same way. I haven't seen the photograph but if I get a copy I will post it.

  6. Thanks for all of the comments on my blog. It was a lovely suprise.

    Your photos and the stories about your family make your blog so interesting. Did you inherit all of the photos or did you have to search them out from relatives near and far?

  7. Margel, i got over there today and just started reading for the first forward. it was really enjoyable. i had to restrain myself from more posting. i even went and looked for a few locations on google earth!

  8. now about the photos, most of them i inherited. i ended up with photos from both sides of the family. but i have gotten some great additions from cousins. Usually of their branch of the family. The best were photographs of my great great grandmother Eliza and two of her children that I did not have. Naomi's daughter sent me copies. I sent her the original of this photo because she did not have one.

  9. Recently you posted this comment on my blog "Southern Family History:"

    if you want to look at some elusive african american ancestor, with a few white people thrown in, of mine it would be wonderful! if you are interested i will send you what i have.

    Go ahead and send me what you have and I will be happy to take a look and make some recommendations and maybe do some sleuthing for you!

  10. Debbie, I will get my kentucky family information together and send it to you! Very exciting!

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