Blog Caroling – We Three Kings

This year I once again offer We Three Kings as my contribution to footnoteMaven’s Blog Caroling Event 2011. This year I chose a rap version done by dc talk in 1994. This carol was written by John Henry Hopkins in 1857 and first preformed in 1863 in New York City.  To hear last years Hang Drum version click HERE.

We Three Kings 
Lyrics from dc talk’s version

Frankincense to offer, have i 
And incense owned, a deity nigh 
Prayer and praising, all men raising 
You can hear it pealing through the river and sky 

We three kings of orient are 
Bearing gifts we traveled so far 
Field and fountain, moor and mountain 
Following yonder star 

Born a king on bethlehem’s plain 
Gold I bring to crown him again 
King forever, ceasing never 
Over us all to reign 

Ooh, star of wonder 
Star of night 
Star with royal beauty bright 
Westward leading, still proceeding 
Guide us to thy perfect light 

Guide us to the light, father 
Guide us to the light [repeat 2x] 

(repeat verse 1) 

(repeat chorus) 

Now we step to a star in the sky 
Gloria, now the whole earth cries 
Allelu, allelu, the people cried 
And brought gifts as a sacrifice 
Three kings and a dream that they had 
We’re three brothers born of different dads 
But together we ride because of that child 
Until the day that we die 

(repeat chorus)

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  1. This is a wonderful Christmas carol and the musical version you've posted here is AWESOME! I am so glad that I learned about Blog Caroling 2011 via my visit here. As a result, I've joined the celebration and posted a fav Christmas carol as well!

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