Jeanette McCall McEwen

Cousins Annie Lee and Jeanette with their sons.
 With youngest son.
  Jeanette and husband Robert

Jeanette was born on February 18, 1897 in Montgomery, Alabama. She was the youngest of the six children of Edward and Mary (Allen) McCall.  Her oldest brother, James McCall was the blind poet in She was owned before the war by…. Her father, Edward McCall, was the cook and turn-key at the city jail. Her mother, Mary Allen McCall, was a seamstress.  Jeanette attended Alabama State Normal school, a primary through high school for African Americans in Montgomery that all of her siblings and cousins attended.

Jeanette’s best friend was Stella Brown, who later married her older brother Roscoe McCall. Jeanette attended Rust College in Holly Springs, Mississippi and met her husband, Robert Anderson McEwen there.  By 1920 Robert and Jeanette were married and living in Chicago as roomers.  On January 2, 1920 she gave birth to her first son, Robert Jr.  Robert Sr. worked at the post office.  By the time their second son, Raymond, was born  on December 16, 1923, Robert was a dental student.  Jeanette did not work outside of the home.

By 1930 Robert was a dentist.  Jeanette died December 22, 1931.  I do not know the cause of death yet. You may see another photograph of Jeanette here.  Robert remarried before 1938 to Ethel, last name unknown at this time. He died June 29, 1938.   You can see more car related (or not) Sepia Saturday offerings here.

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  1. The first photo shows the usefulness of the running boards on a car. I couldn't help noticing the sailor type suit worn by one mother and one of the children.

  2. Bob, it seems both the older boys have on sailor suits, one is dark and one is white.

  3. Great, photos, is the lady in the first photo wearing like a sailors style dress? Very nice, at any rate, and the second photo reminds me of a hot day in late fall…I don't know why but thanks for sharing these!

  4. I love the first photo with the car and sailor suits. It is sad that both Jeanette and Robert died so young.

  5. That first photo is lovely. I’m amazed that so many Sepia Saturday posters have ‘car and lady’ photos. It is so sad that they died very young; in the second photo Robert is tendely touching his wife, and the third, the mother and baby picture is delightful.

  6. As always you invite us into your family circle and tell the most wonderful (illustrated) tales.

  7. Wonderful in-theme photos. My family has lots of similar stoop photos, the faces and ages change but the background remains the same. Car snaps are different with so many different cars to date based on the approximate ages of the people.

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