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A Plea For Peace – Signed by Rev. Albert B. Cleage, Jr – 1948 Amanuensis Monday

"Plea for Peace"
Americans want and  CAN HAVE PEACE.  Many of us are shocked at the war hysteria evident in the President’s message to Congress on St. Patricks Day.  We must not be swept into war.  We will not flinch in our determination to save our traditional American freedom. The fight for democracy and for peace is not subversive – it is our American heritage.
Because our American tradition has made it possible for peoples of all creeds and opinions to live in peace within our borders, we know that Americans can live in peace with all peoples of the world no matter what their way of life. The United Nations must be supported and strengthened as the hope and prayer of all mankind for deliverance from the barbarism of atomic war.
We plead with Congress not to accept the President’s proposals on Universal Military Training and the draft as this program would militarize America and thereby lead to a police state and to war.  We urge all like-minded people to make known their views. WRITE A LETTER TO YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND SENATORS TODAY.
Rev. Frank P. Parial                            Julia Whitmore                            Charles Mackey
Rev. F. B. Archibald                            Ben Wolf                                      R.C. Weller, Jr.
Rev. James H. Hamer                          Dr. Carolyn Prowler                     Prof. Frank A. Warren
Rev. Glenn B. Glazier                         Robenia Anthony                         Rev. Albert B. Cleage, Jr.
Rev. Hadley B. Williams                    Maurice Kurn                               Rev. Hesakiah M. Hutchings
Rev. Emory Lincoln Wallace             Richard M. Klein                          Rabbi Samuel Price
Leon Massa                                        Rev. Howard L. Moore                 Sigmond Gomula
Abe Hoffman                                      Rev. W.T. Teague                         Martin Griffin
                                                            Prof. Charles H. Hapgood           Rabbi Naphthali Frischberg

Sale of Stock, Negroes and a Fine Carriage and Horses – Amanuesis Monday

On Monday, 9th January next, we will sell at the Artesian Basin, in the city of Montgomery, at public auction, the following described personal property of the estate of John H. Murphy, deceased:
Seventy-five Shares of Stock in the Montgomery Insurance Company:
Fifty Shares of Stock in Alabama and Florida Rail Road Company
Six Shares of Stock in the Montgomery Gas Light Company.
Also, twenty-three NEGROES, among which are three good brick-layers, and plasters and several fine house servants, cooks, &c.  The negroes will be sold in families, and catalogues funished on the day of sale.
Also, a fine Carriage and pair of Horses.
The Stocks will be sold for cash.  The Negroes and Carriages and Horses on credit of 6 months, for approved Bills of Exchange with interest from date.
Executors of J.H. Murphy, dec’d.
dec 26 – d&wtds           [M.]

Edmund Harrison once owned my Great Great Grandmother Eliza Williams Allen and her mother Annie Williams.  The article that confirmed that information is here “She was owned before the war by Colonel Edmund Harrison of this county.” I found this article on Genealogy Bank.

Poem for Poppy – Amanuensis Monday

Using Amanuensis Monday to transcribe some of the material aound that needs to be transcribed. Today I’m doing my Grandfather, Mershell C. Graham’s funeral program.  I’ve been looking for my grandfather’s funeral program for several months.  It wasn’t in the binder, where it should have been, or in the box with the not yet filed funeral programs.  Today, while looking for something else, I found it.  It was in my file cabinet in a folder having nothing to do with anything relevant.  The poem was written by my sister, Pearl Cleage.

Poem For My Grandfather

(for M.C. Graham)

The handing down of things

worn smooth between your fingers.

The handing down of parts of you

in hurried kitchen ceremonies.

The smell of biscuits

and the smell of heirlooms.

A story about trains.

A whisper of hard times

and magic in the face you hold so close to mine

and smile.

The handing down of things.

The handing on of you…

from his grandchildren
and great-grandchildren

In Memorium

Mershell C. Graham
Thursday, September 6, 1973, 12 Noon
Plymouth United Church of Christ
514 Garfield
Detroit, Michigan
Rev. Nicholas Hood, Pastor

Order of Service
Hymn          ……
Invocation   …….
Scripture      …….
Hymn          …….
Eulogy         …….
Benediction  …….

Detroit Memorial Park

In Charge
Charles T. Cole Funeral Home

Honory Pallbearers 
Friends of Mr. Graham

Active Pallbearers
Members of the Men’s Club

Mershell C. Graham was born December 25, 1887, in Coosada Station, Alabama, the adopted son of Mary and Joseph Graham.  He received his early Christian training in the First Congregational Church of Montgomery, Alabama.  He met his beloved wife, Fannie Mae, in the church.  They celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary in June of this year.  They had four children and shared a long and beautiful life.  He was one of the founders of Plymouth United Church of Christ and was a devoted member of the church all of his life.  He served as treasurer for many years and was Trustee Emeritus.  He was retired from the Ford Motor Company after over thirty years of service and was a member of the U.A.W. and the N.A.A.C.P.

Mr. Graham passed on September 3, 1973, at his home at 16260 Fairfield.  He leaves to mourn his loss his wife, Fannie, his two daughters, Mary Virginia Graham Elkins and Doris Graham Cleage, five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.