Summer Visit to Athens Tennessee – About 1920

Athens, Tennessee. 1920s.

My father and his brothers and perhaps a sister and some cousins and an aunt. My grandfather took his family back to his home town, Athens, Tennessee every summer for many years to visit his brother and his brothers family and his mother.

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14 thoughts on “Summer Visit to Athens Tennessee – About 1920”

    1. I’m sure it wasn’t a porch. More of a pavilion. My uncle Henry used to talk about dances held at a pavilion. Perhaps this was it. The water doesn’t look swampy.

  1. Hard to see the people’s faces but the reflections are great and at least you know who and where they are.

    1. I recognize the boys by their caps from other photos taken during that same visit. Even though I can’t see their faces, I like the atmosphere of the photo.

  2. I’m so glad you knew who the people were (maybe written on the back?) because it’s hard to see their faces…I wonder if this is a pond, lake or river (or stream?) It’s sure still looking, but then, what is the photographer standing on? Maybe out in a row boat? OK, I’ve got more questions than answers!

  3. Kristin I love this. The opposite of ‘instant’.
    The picture seems to develop as i watch it…&……the distance the photographer makes,just allows the locality to float into view!
    Very Still.Very Steady.

  4. This is another beautiful example of unintentional sepia art. The reflection and curious perspective gives the image a dream like quality of a past time. Your collection of similar photos would make a wonderful exhibition.
    It’s a boathouse I think. Somewhere to store a rowboat below and enjoy a cool breeze on the upper porch.

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